Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The George Harrison Case

In Digital Literacy today during our copyright lecture we were posed with the question did George Harrison borrow musical ideas from Ronald Mack's "He's So Fine" is his song "My Sweet Lord"?
Although the melody and chordal structure are remarkably similar, the lyrics and overall sound produced by the vocals and instruments are dramatically different.
The tempo of "My Sweet Lord" by Harrison is slower and has a highter presence of instrument than its claimed counterpart "He's So Fine"
I Think that because of the difference in sound due to vocal and instrumental use as well as the difference in tempo, George Harrison shoult not be found guilty of copyright infringement.
I also hold this view because within the musical ovtave, there are only eight notes. So therefore somewhere along the line, there was going to be a point where two songs were going to sound similar.

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