Monday, June 8, 2009

Online Presence

Over the past few weeks I have been enhancing my online presence. An online presence can be anything online that will inform others about yourself. Images of yourself, a CV, your thesis or oppinions and even pictures of your work build together to form an online presence.
To create my online presence I have used both this blog via Blogger and my website through Google-sites.

On my website I have uploaded a photo of myself and some photos of my work with descriptions under each image. These images are saved in a mixture of gif and jpeg files so that they will download quickly. I have also added a movie that I have made about my mision trip to Samoa using widows movie maker, and have added an attatchment to my current CV which is processed by microsoft word and shows my history, qualifications and personal statement.

On my Blog, as you can see I have documented my learning process in digital literacy. Along with this you will also find some of my oppinions regarding different things we have learnt and found during this class.

Also check out my website Beeonlinenow

Didital Literacy Movie Maker

This is a wee movie I have made for digital literacy. It shows a little bit of what we got up to on our mission trip to Samoa in 2008.